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This year marks the completion and premiere of Black in Blue, our feature documentary about the four University of Kentucky football players who broke the color line in the Southeastern Conference in the 1960s. The world premiere of the film will be at the Virginia Film Festival the first weekend of November. The film features a fantastic gospel music score performed by the a capella quartet Linkin Bridge.

Good Work: Masters of the Building Arts, which we completed in 2016, will be presented to PBS for national broadcast by WGBH in October. We kick off the broadcast with a special screening at the National Building Museum, featuring a post-screening discussion with three artisans who are featured in the film. We hope our DC-based friends can join us! And visit

Lined up for release in 2019 is Fishing with Dynamite, our feature doc about how corporations and Wall Street...and their obsession with short term profit for shareholders...are blowing up American capitalism. And how we can put it back together.

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