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Boom & Bust - America's Journey on the Erie Canal, co-produced with Steve Zeitlin of CityLore and the Erie Canal Museum, is finished!  Boom & Bust premiered at the Library of Congress in August, 2015, screened at the Virginia Film Festival in November, 2015, and screened at the Syracuse International Film Festival in May, 2016. The film will be broadcast on public television stations across the country for Labor Day, 2016, presented by our friends at Kentucky Educational Television. 

We're pleased to announce that Good Work - Masters of the Building Arts, co-produced with longtime friend and colleague Marjorie Hunt, premiered in a private screening at the Smithsonian Institution and our first public screening at the Virginia Film Festival in October. The film will be presented by WGBH to PBS stations in 2017.

We are continuing work on several other great projects, including a feature documentary about corporate purpose being produced with Bobby Parmar at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and a series of videos about Thriving Cities with Josh Yates at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, also at UVA.

We are making great progress on Black in Blue, a film about the four African American football players at my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, who broke the color line in the Southeastern Conference. For information see blackinblue.org

Our newest project is a collaboration with musician, folklorist, and author Stephen Wade. Based on his book, The Beautiful Music All Around Us, we will be producing a documentary about ballad singer Texas Gladden and her brother, banjo player Hobart Smith. For information see beautifulmusicfilmtrilogy.org

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